Help for Start Ups

Pre Revenue Start Ups

People starting up a business often want a mentor to –

  • provide impartial feedback on their business idea
  • help write their business plan or financial projections
  • offer input in specific areas where they’re weak e.g. finance, sales, pricing
  • help on a single, isolated issue relating to their business
  • give guidance on grants, raising capital and attracting investment
  • act as a sounding board for ideas and proposals
  • offer a second opinion and a different perspective
  • point out any issues or problems which they may have overlooked
  • provide access to individuals with experience and contacts in their business sector.

Post Revenue Start Ups

People who have started up their own business often want a mentor to –

  • run behind them so they can obtain their mentor’s input, easily and quickly
  • provide guidance on some of the issues which arise from running a business
  • offer a second opinion as the business grows and develops
  • highlight potential areas of risk and steer them away from making a costly mistake
  • act as a sounding board before introducing changes or launching new initiatives
  • devote ‘thinking time’ to their business since they do not have time to do so
  • provide strategic input
  • act as a roving ambassador for their business and make valuable introductions.

We do all this – and more.

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Business Start

We’re interested in supporting and helping you achieve your business ambitions, whatever they may be. Just choose one of us, make contact and we’ll give you 90 minutes of our time to answer your questions, address your concerns and, if you want, give impartial feedback on your business – free of charge. This free meeting enables you to decide whether your mentor meets your requirements and will be of value. Obviously, we’ll give you a signed Non Disclosure (Confidentiality) Agreement: you can view it here. We also operate to a Code of Ethics which you can view here.

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It’s entirely your choice whether to walk away or retain your mentor. If you think your mentor can help, then you decide what support you want e.g. you can have regular support on, say, a monthly basis or, alternatively, you can use your mentor on an ad hoc basis and when needed. If it helps, most of our mentees choose the latter. We believe it’s important that you remain in control throughout. We want you to view your mentor as entirely trustworthy and not influenced by any factor other than what is best for you and your business.

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Your mentor will charge you since we believe that providing a service for free is not valued: however, we’re not motivated by generating an income for ourselves. All pre revenue start ups are charged at £25 per hour. Post revenue start ups are likely to be charged at a slightly higher rate: this will be agreed at the outset.

You are entitled to terminate the arrangement with your mentor whenever you want: please note, so is your mentor. We will ask you for a testimonial.