Help for SMEs

Many SMEs see value in a business mentor since –

  • Using a mentor on an ad hoc basis is preferable to taking on a non executive director
  • An independent and objective mentor may be more impartial than an established advisor , such as a consultant or accountant, whose advice may be influenced by fee generation
  • S/he can undertake a specific project which the SME has neither the time nor the in-house skills to do – and at a cost which is not prohibitive
  • They can have their company and business reviewed by an independent and objective outsider.

For every assignment, we give the SME 90 minutes of our time, free of charge. This gives you a chance to meet up with your chosen mentor and decide whether s/he meets your requirements and is the right person to undertake the assignment. After that initial meeting, it’s entirely your choice whether to walk away or retain your mentor.


If you want to retain your mentor, then you decide on the nature and type of the work to be carried out by your mentor. S/he will charge you but at modest hourly rates which will be agreed at the outset: if you prefer, we can work to a budget. We want you to view your mentor as entirely trustworthy and not influenced by any factor other than what is best for you and your business.


You are entitled to terminate the arrangement with your mentor whenever you want: please note, so is your mentor.

Your mentor will give you a signed Non Disclosure (Confidentiality) Agreement which you can view here. We operate to a Code of Ethics which you can view here. We will ask you for a testimonial.