If I take you up on your offer, what am I letting myself in for?

As little or as much as you want: you’re in control. We’re just making ourselves available as a means of support, motivated principally by a wish to ‘put something back’. Try us out and if, for whatever reason, it doesn’t work for you then you are free to walk away at any time: at our age, we don’t bruise easily.

What is the best way of making contact with you?

Individual contact details are on our mentors’ profile pages. You can telephone or email us. You’ll get more out of your first meeting with your mentor if you email him/her in advance, explaining what your plans are and the areas/issues/concerns you want to discuss.

Do you coach as well as mentor and what’s the difference?

The short answer is we mentor, rather than coach. But, there is no clear demarcation line between the two and, in practice, it sometimes becomes necessary to stray into ‘coaching’ territory. The mentor’s role is to guide the mentee to look at a wide variety of options and consider alternative courses of action in order to solve problems for themselves, rather than to give the mentee answers or provide solutions. We offer impartial and non-judgmental guidance and support. Our primary interest is in seeing your business succeed.