Your mentor will give you a signed NDA in the following terms –

In consideration of you disclosing to me any and all information of whatever nature (however recorded, preserved or disclosed) including but not limited to business, commercial, economic, financial, operational, technical, scientific, administrative, marketing, planning, staff and other information and data relating to the business of your company [Company name] OR your proposed business [name or type of business to be specified] (“Confidential Information”),

I undertake to use all such Confidential Information for the sole purpose of analyzing and then providing you with my assessment and opinion of the said business (“Sole Purpose”) and further undertake not to –

  • disclose, release, copy or distribute any Confidential Information to any person in any form and/or
  • use any of the Confidential Information for any purpose other than the Sole Purpose and/or
  • seek to benefit directly or indirectly from possession or use of the Confidential Information in any manner whatsoever.

Code of Ethics

All our mentors have agreed to act in accordance with the following Code of Ethics. This requires each mentor to –

  • act at all times in good faith and in the best interests of the mentee and his/her business. Each mentor acknowledges that his/her principal motive for agreeing to act as a mentor is to ‘give something back’
  • offer the first 90 minutes of their time free of charge to each mentee
  • agree with each mentee at the outset the type of support to be given and, in addition, the basis upon which support will be provided e.g. on a formal and structured basis with monthly meetings or on an ad hoc basis i.e. as and when required
  • charge pre revenue start ups £25 per hour. For all other assignments, mentors can charge whatever hourly rates they believe to be appropriate provided these are agreed at the outset
  • agree that each mentee is free to terminate the relationship at any time without notice
  • request a written testimonial from each client.

Each mentor agrees that s/he will not –

  • place him/herself in a position where s/he may have a conflict of interest, specifically s/he will not simultaneously advise two different mentees who are in direct competition with each other unless authorised to do so by both mentees
  • disclose the identity of any mentee to fellow mentors unless authorised to do so and will treat all information received from fellow mentors in strict confidence, as if subject to a NDA
  • seek to bind fellow mentors in any way or hold him/herself out as being in partnership with other mentors.