Planning, setting up and running your own business can be a lonely and demanding experience. Nowadays, there are few places where business owners can access truly independent, constructive, impartial and effective personal support. But Yorkshire Business Mentor is one of them. We mentor start up and SME businesses.

Each of us has acquired considerable business experience – at 50+ years old, we have been ‘around the block’ more than once – and each of us has been supporting and mentoring start up and SME businesses for years. We’re motivated by a desire to ‘give something back’ by supporting those who are starting up and running their own businesses.


Support for pre-revenue Start Ups

Do you want to bounce your idea off someone, do you have any concerns about your proposed business….


Support for post-revenue Start Ups

Do you want a second opinion on any issue, would it help you to use someone as a sounding board for ideas and problems….


Support for SMEs

Do you want independent, impartial input on a particular aspect of your business with no strings attached….